The Etiquette Guide To Online Poker

How should I actually behave at the online poker table when I’m at home in front of my computer? The question sounds strange at first, because it can be assumed that nobody hears or sees us when we play online poker. But as fascinating as the game of poker itself is the human perception that has to be taken into account here. Our brains perceive a lot more than just body language or the language itself, and our subconscious connects everything in such a way that it makes sense. At the latest, those who take their online poker game very seriously will notice that they can sense and assess their fellow players without hearing or seeing them. In the end, you also notice, conversely, how these fellow players play with their psyche and thus influence their game.

In order to be successful at online poker tables in the long term, players not only have to adhere to the clearly defined rules of the game, but also to certain unwritten rules. The unwritten rules don’t have so much to do with the game of poker itself, but with the manners at the virtual poker table. If all players stick to good manners, they contribute to an optimal, fair but at the same time exciting game play, which is also much more fun in the long run. And what’s fun is attractive and gives players the chance to win they want. Here are a few examples of good online poker etiquette.

Treat fellow players with respect

On the one hand, this means, of course, no verbal attacks in the chat or insulting anyone, and it also includes the dealer in live games. On the other hand, it also means for every online poker player that he generally takes a respectful attitude towards his fellow players. In particular, it should not matter whether they play well or badly, are professionals or beginners and also whether they have an avatar or a name from another cultural area, for example. Players should always keep in mind that they need their fellow players and want to win their bankroll!

Never stand out uncomfortably

Politics or religion should not be discussed at the virtual poker table. Also, all actions such as general hostility that lead to personal enmity are absolutely to be avoided in the chat room. Schadenfreude is also inappropriate. Dogged, aggressive or generally unfriendly behavior of a player can bring him into the focus of the other players, who will see him as an enemy in the game and will try to destroy his game accordingly.

Get a feel-good factor

In online poker, too, all players should be able to feel comfortable at the virtual poker table. It is important that every player makes sure that a pleasantly friendly atmosphere is always maintained.

Do not disturb other players unnecessarily

Fair play is especially popular when players are about to play their hand. Distracting chat communications are disruptive and unfair.

Chat etiquette

The chat option can contribute to entertainment and fun. However, some players take it a bit carelessly. In general, chatbox conversations should be kept to a minimum in order not to distract the other player or to disrupt the flow of the game. Capitalizing words is definitely aggressive and expresses anger and anger. Of course, players should generally not reveal their emotional state or talk about their playing cards or game actions, especially after they have dropped out of the game. You should also always keep in mind that other players could draw conclusions about their own abilities from conversations. Handing out genuinely intended niceties, such as congratulating a teammate on winning the pot, is allowed and is well received.…


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